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Maintenance of a leather handbag

Many people are ready to spend incredible sums of money for high-quality products, hoping that a product made of natural materials will last long, and the spent money will pay off handsomely. It can hardly be denied, but prudent investments of money in the purchase of a high-quality leather bag is just 50% of success. Sometimes we get disappointed when our beloved bag loses its original look. In most cases, it's us who cause unconsciously this tragedy. Nevertheless, the sad outcome can be easily avoided!

How can we prolong life of a leather handbag? This mission is possible! All you have to do is to love and pamper your bag, that is to take care of it and to maintain it correctly. Follow our advice and your natural leather handbag will always look perfectly.

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About us

Tradehouse is an artisan company that produces leather handbags and accessories, making part of best "Made in Italy" tradition. All our creations are implemented in the factory of Civitanova Marche. But we also make use of the help of local laboratories and experienced professionals.

In the course of time, we have learnt to combine traditional methods of leather craftsmanship with the usage of innovative technologies.

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